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L'objet de notre difference
June 2008

Installation using paper and sound, created for Art project: "Messages"
By the Study Gallery of Modern Art, Poole college

I collected the names of all the students involved in the “Messages” project (about 400 pupils) and encoded them with  the “Enigma” machine, used by Nazis during Second World War. A sound piece also runs through the space, telling  the story of the destruction of my home town during World War II and its reconstruction over the past 60 years,  mixed with archive testimonies from British SOE’s.

The work highlights the fragility of identity and stresses how the  right to express  differences was wiped out by the power of the mass. It also questions the contradiction of the human spirit’s ability to destroy as well as reconstruct.

“L’objet de Notre Difference” was commissioned by the Study gallery of Modern Art , Poole

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