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The Earth Shed (roll over image to pause slideshow)

The Earth Shed
If you look closely, you might find a piece of your home, your favourite pub, your neighbour’s garden…

The Earth-Shed is made of all of us and brings us together. During your visit, you can touch, smell, taste, learn and enjoy discovering the hidden treasures of the earth.

On the door, you can pin your message for the earth.

In the scrapbook, you can leave your thoughts.
In the recycler’s bag, a paper making kit, seeds, pots and a book explain how the project was developed with Sarum St Paul’s primary school.

Hope you enjoy your time in the Earth Shed...

The Earth-Shed was commissioned by Curator Annette Ratuszniac for the "In Praise Of Earth" art project, as part of the Salisbury International Arts Festival 2004.

The Earth Shed is available for touring with a participatory workshop. For enquiries, contact Laurence.

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