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My work...

My work involves mix-media installations, residencies, public and private commissions and illustrations for bookcovers, postcards, posters... For more information or for a chat about a piece of work, please contact Laurence

Thousand Sheep

"A Thousand Sheep" Art project focussed on developing new values, and knowledge related to local natural resources including human, economic and historical resources.

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A Thousand SheepA


"Trace": A series of images - 2010 to 2013

In the context of our western society, human beings have removed Themselves from the idea of "the Wild" to cultivate and shape the land to their needs.

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"Laurence Rushby has created a site-specific installation at Salisbury Arts Centre in response to the brief, using a lifeline of red ribbon to link a multitude of personal stories to the architecture of the building."

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I have spent 6 months investigating the notion of Limits in response to spending the winter in a wheelchair following spinal injury.

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About Food: Work in progress

Project “About Food”; a short film and a series of wall mounted pieces using a mix of photography and collages, highlighting women’s relationships to food.

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L’objet de Notre Difference: June 2008

Installation using paper and sound, created for Art project : “Messages” By the Study gallery of Modern Art, Poole college.

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The Yew Tree Project: October 2006

A Tree cut down for building purposes at the Salisbury arts centre was shared between 44 artists…some of them had never worked with wood before.

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Entre 2 Terres (Between two lands): Oct 2004

Entre 2 Terres is an installation of 12 boxes inspired by a visit to the Natural History museum in London and by a walk I took along the beaches of my childhood in the South of Britany.

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The Earth Shed: March to July 2004
The Earth-Shed is made of all of us and brings us together. During your visit, you can touch, smell, taste, learn and enjoy discovering the hidden treasures of the earth.

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