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Working with people...

Laurence's work with groups is a creative collaboration where the participants and the artist join ideas, skills and questions to produce a piece of work. She has experience with all ages and abilities and taylors each project to the venue and the participants.

Her Art work and her community residencies evolve in a close relationship, following the same themes, one often becoming part of the other. (i.e.The Earth-shed/the Earth circles)

To book or discuss a project, please contact Laurence

Type of Workshop

  • Painting/collage
  • Set-Design
  • Mix-Media Installations (using painting, collage photo video...)
  • Sculpture (Mix-media)

Experience with...

  • Children from age 5 to adults
  • Learning disability groups
  • Mental Health groups

Laurence has CRB check and public liability insurance up to £5M.

MotivArt: from January 2007 and ongoing

Multi-Art Form collaborative project.

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Memory Boxes Project: Highbury School
June 2006

Developing a range of skills by experimenting a variety of processes and mediums.

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Yew Tree Project: Salisbury Highschool
November 2006

Researching the history of the Yew Tree over the ages, from the Celtic alphabet to the creation of personal symbols.

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